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Who is Gil Riviere? 

Your 23rd District Senator

In the Legislature, Representative Gil Riviere was one of the most consistent and strongest voices against what became known as the Dirty Dozen Anti-Environment Laws; he was a leader in opposing the inter-island power cable that would locate hundreds of windmills on Lanai and Molokai; and he strongly advocated for agriculture and protection of rural lands on our North and Windward Shores.

Gil Riviere is known as someone who gets things done. He gets involved and sees projects through; he finds creative solutions; and he effectively works with others. When there is a job to do, he steps up and becomes part of the solution through his efforts, creativity and leadership.

Gil is grounded with the loving support of his wife, Liz, and their two young children. They live in Waialua and are regularly seen participating in community activities at the local ball parks, library, hardware store, markets and restaurants.

The North and Windward Shores of Oahu are global treasures that inspire local residents and visitors from around the world. The natural beauty and rural character of the region are increasingly valuable as other area of Oahu become more densely populated and as the entire state of Hawaii becomes ever more popular throughout the world.Countless entrepreneurs and developers are stunned when they visit. They look around and think about all the development they could bring, “because there is nothing here!” Residents shudder at this comment because the developers’ “nothing ” is everything and the reason we are so passionate about our place; the grandeur of our region cannot be improved by wholesale development and exploitation.It is with great pleasure that I have devoted the last decade and I continue to volunteer countless hours to protecting and preserving this precious rural district and lifestyle. Strong, dedicated, selfless individuals have defended this region over the years and I am humbled to work with and learn from many of them. It is not just the natural splendor of the region, but also the character of the people that makes our district spectacular.Here are my thoughts on some current issues affecting our district. Let me know if you think I am on the right track, headed in the wrong direction or missing the picture entirely. I encourage your feedback. Yours truly,


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